We get a lot of questions about what liquids you should be drinking while following a health-based program like MacroRx+. The bulk of your liquid intake should be water – ideally a purified water using a process like reverse-osmosis. However, we realize that people get tired of water so here are a few suggestions to …

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Deviled Eggs

This is one of our most requested dishes to bring to potlucks.  These deviled eggs taste delicious and are very macro friendly!  Adapted from an excellent recipe at Cook’s Illustrated. This recipe has already been added as a food in MyFitnessPal – if you are making the recipe exactly as laid out, then you can …

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Protein Shake Review

Getting adequate protein at any stage (weight-loss, maintenance, or body building) is critical to maintaining and building muscle mass while keeping our body fat lean at the same time. Ideally, we would all be getting protein from food.  If you are a meat eater this is relatively easy to do, assuming you like meats!  However, …

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