How does
MacroRx+ Work?

It’s important to understand that every body is different. Each one of us loses or gains weight in different areas and in different ways.  MacroRx+ understands that there is no one solution that will be perfect for everyone. That’s why we’ve started this program that incorporates personalization, accountability, coaching and community to ensure your success.


We are all a team and the process is simple! 

macronutrient fitness coaching

macroRx+ Provides a solid
macro plan unique to you

"I've always struggled with putting the head-knowledge I knew of how to eat right into action.  MacroRx+ delivers a simple, easy-to-follow system, with a community accountability that really helps me stay on track. I've lost over 60 pounds and am at the healthiest weight I've ever been!"

When you make a commitment to join MacroRx+, you will receive:

  • Personalized macro prescription consisting of goals for: calories, and percentages for the three macros: carbohydrates, fats, and protein
  • One-on-one daily feedback on your food log
  • Weekly optimizations to your personal macro prescription
  • Access to a vibrant private community for support and accountability

When you make a commitment to join MacroRx+, you commit to:

  • Tracking and logging what you eat each day
  • Weighing yourself each day
  • Posting your food log results daily to the private community