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MacroRx+ is a revolutionary way of personalizing your weight loss journey through the use of specific macronutrient goals, accountability, coaching and community.

Coaching at MacroRx+ provides the framework to lose fat and gain muscle while still allowing flexibility in what you eat – leading to consistent results month after month.

How MacroRx+ Works:

Every body is different and MacroRx+ understands that no one solution will be perfect for everyone. That’s why MacroRx+ incorporates personalization, accountability, coaching and community to ensure success.

Personalized Macro Prescription

Customized plan to help you meet and exceed your goals by measuring how many calories you eat, and percentages for the three macro-nutrients: carbohydrates, fats, and protein.

One-On-One Coaching

Daily feedback on your food log.

Community of Accountability Partners

Access to a private community for support and accountability throughout your journey.

Macronutrient Friendly Recipes

Fiesta Quinoa Jar Salad

If you’re anything like me I’m always looking for something to pack for lunch. Of course, there’s always the dinner leftovers to pack, but ugh…sometimes

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Karen Ward Testimonial

Sincerely Impressed. This is the first system that has helped my gym members stay on course and get results! The daily feedback and group accountability have been crucial to their success. Struggles are shared and no one feels like they are doing it alone. MacroRx+ allows them to eat some of their favorite foods, while still making healthy choices of more protein and whole foods in order to reach their prescribed macros.


Karen Ward, Owner of Go Fitness Lilburn
Lilburn Fitness

Derek L Testimonial

I’ve always struggled with putting the head-knowledge I knew of how to eat right into action. MacroRx+ delivers a simple, easy-to-follow system, with community accountability that really helps me stay on track. I’ve lost over 60 pounds and am at the healthiest weight I’ve ever been!

Derek L.

Kathy Peters Testimonial

When I started with MacroRx+ in November 2017, I struggled to even enter a goal weight. My goal was to be strong and fit, not to reach a certain number on the scale. As I continued my journey, I reset my goal weight 3 times by small increments to get to the right balance of productivity. We have some amazing people in our box of all levels of fitness, age and strength. They all motivate me in one way or the other every single day. I may not be as fast or as strong as some of the others there, but I am stronger than the me from yesterday!

Kathy P.