Feel like you are not losing weight fast enough?  Many of us want to lose weight fast!  However, sustainable weight loss occurs no faster than the rate of about 0.5%-1% body weight per week.  So for a 150 pound person, this would be weight loss of no more than 0.75-1.5# per week.  If you lose faster than that, your body will respond hormonally in ways that will either burn muscle mass in a panic that we are losing weight too fast. The coaches will likely be increasing your caloric intake to keep you in that sweet spot.

Now, that being said, let’s say you are losing less than 0.5%-1% and want to speed things up. What can you do?!

First, make sure you are super accurate about weighing and measuring what you eat. If you find yourself “eyeballing” your foods, or taking a nibble of piece of food without logging it, this would be the first area to tighten up.

Secondly, if you know your food intake is very accurate, then the best thing to do is to add 2-3 sessions a week of steady-state cardio to your current exercise routine.

We recommend starting with around 20-30 minutes of an activity 2-3 times a week like: running/jogging/treadmill, rowing, cycling/stationary bike, etc.

The key is to keep your heart rate steady at around 65-70% of its max. [Maximum heart rate (MHR) is roughly 220 – your age] – this is just an estimate but usually good enough to calculate your steady state range for fat loss.