LRDs are a special day reserved for once per calendar month.  These days you should schedule ahead of time and plan out all the fun foods you want to eat.

You should try and eat as many calories as possible, including lots of carbohydrates in order to reset your Leptin levels which helps continue the healthy weight process.

You still have to earn this LRD, by having the rest of the days of the month as close as possible to your prescription each day.

If you miss a day or two a month by a few calories, or off by 1% on your protein etc, we don’t believe this should exclude you from taking a LRD guilt-free.  However, if you find yourself having a very tough time sticking with your prescription, and often find yourself over on calories, carbs or under-protein, we don’t recommend your take a LRD until you’ve built the self-discipline to maintain your prescription daily.