All of us typically have a comfort food that is our go-to when we are stressed out.  Funny how this never happens to be a big bowlful of broccoli!

Here are some best practice strategies to keep these foods in check:

  • Log it before you eat it – the sheer act of weighing and logging the food before you eat it will give you enough of a pause to break the cycle of emotional eating.
  • Limit it’s availability – don’t buy it at the store, or if you have to have it at the house, put it somewhere out of sight that’s a pain to get to (like in a high cabinet that you need a ladder to get to). This also gives us some pause so its just not right there in front of us “calling our name”
  • Plan to have this food on your Leptin Reset Day (LRD)! That is the day to indulge those cravings.