We call it a “Leptin Reset Day (LRD)” and not only can you have one, you’re encouraged to have one if you hit all three of your targets everyday for four to six weeks in a row:
  • One full reset day is not only allowed but suggested.
Eat as much of whatever you want! You don’t get a break from logging though. Track it! Then, let’s get right back on track. If you are a few hundred calories over here and there, you go over your max carbohydrate percentage once or twice a week, or go off course a little semi-regularly, this doesn’t apply to you. The VAST majority of clients don’t need help planning these LRD days. If this sounds like you, your focus needs to be learning how to consistently hit your targets.
For the less common type-A personality client that hits all three of their targets over 97% of the time, LRD days can be beneficial. We suggest they learn to be okay with something less than perfection. This helps them maintain long-term success while enjoying special occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, and their anniversary without the feeling of failure or shame. As with everything, we require research to support our stance on cheat days. Check out this article and the linked studies.The best part about this program is it’s flexibility so fitting the appropriate serving size of anything into your targets on occasion, while still hitting you targets, isn’t out of the question. The real challenge of this program is consistency.